Mr. Michael Dooley, managing partner and chief engineer of Phoenix Energy of Nevada,LLC (PENV), says, “There are other better, less expensive, safer, less toxic waste polluting, cleaner and more financially viable options for the expansion, build out / build up, completion and use of the TVA Bellefonte Site than to try to complete this Property Site as a 2019 state of the art design and codes compliant nuclear powered electric power generation plant facility.”

            PENV, according to Dooley, is interested in the purchase of the site should things go awry with the Franklin Haney (developer) and the Nuclear Development LLC closing on the purchase of Tennessee Valley Authority’s Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Jackson County.

            Haney, of Chattanooga, Tenn. won the bid in November, 2016. He had until mid November to raise the $111 million bid price. Just last week, Haney was granted an extension until November 30 to come up the remaining $89 million.

            PENV made a bid on the site in 2016 but was not the highest bidder. The company is now interested in the site once again should Haney fail to come up with the remainder of the bid price.

            “Phoenix Energy can develop, build, test and place into electric power and revenue generation operations two PENV 1,300 MW Electromagnetic Induction Energy Powered Electric Power Generation System Units at one fourth (1/4) to one third (1/3) the cost, and in one fourth (1/4) to one third (1/3) of the time required to update, upgrade, build, complete, test and place into electric power and revenue generation operations the two TVA Bellefonte Site Nuclear Reactor System Units,” Dooley said.

            “As and for additional information for consideration and comparison, the two (2) new “from the bare ground up” Westinghouse 1,117 MWe AP1000 Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactors Units currently under construction at the Southern Company Nuclear Georgia Power Vogtle Nuclear Powered Electric Power Generation Site are approximately sixty-five percent (65%) complete with a current estimated Project total cost of / for completion of $25 Billion Dollars.

                    Additionally, the South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper owned Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station two new AP1000 Nuclear Power Electric Power Generation Units, Unit 2 and Unit 3, under construction at the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station were cancelled, shutdown, mothballed and abandoned over a year ago due to significant Project construction cost increases and overruns, and a substantial increase in the estimated cost of and for completion of the two Units, after investing and spending over $9 Billion Dollars on the Project,” Dooley added.

            PENV bid $38 million for the plant in 2016. The company projected equipment and cost of conversion of the facility to cost another $45.5 million at that time.

            For more information about PENV visit

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