During the recent Jackson County Commission Work Session, Sheriff Chuck Phillips spoke regarding Courthouse Security.

According the recently passed budget the Courthouse Security Budget was cut from $176,042 to $126,993. The 2018 Budget included salaries in the amount of $127,867; retirement, health insurance, life insurance, unemployment, uniforms and equipment in the amount of $29,564 and contract services in the amount of $15,000. The 2019 Budget includes salaries in the amount of $25,816, for three deputies for three months;  retirement, health insurance, life insurance, unemployment, uniforms and equipment in the amount of $8,902 and contract services in the amount of $90,000 for three contractors for 9 months. Phillips stated “I would like to know where we stand on private security being used? I’ve got three employees who are going to lose a job and one opening. I am totally against it. These guys keep me from having to pull a car off the road. When someone walks in with a complaint, they take care of it. When the courts need someone, they take care of it. If they’re not here, I have to pull someone off the road. Last week, we had trips to prison, I had two cars on the road the whole day. If you’re going to have security, they need to be deputized security. I’m totally against y’all doing away with them.”
Judge Jenifer Holt also spoke, “Our security plan that’s in place, that’s been approved provides that deputies will man the doors. The resolution you passed says it will be fully funded. Looking at the budget, the budget makes it appear that you are not funding that plan. That is concerning, the plan has not been changed as of this date.”  
Commissioner Tim Guffey stated, “I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding, we had a budget hearing, we discussed it, with the constraints of passing the budget, we prorated. The plan was to have a Committee meeting, if everyone did not agree, a budget amendment would be done.”
Commissioner Jason Venable stated, the cost of courthouse security and other security issues have to be discussed.
Guffey again reiterated that outside contractors who are currently coming in, have to be looked at from a legal perspective. Guffey stated that he would make a motion at the next meeting to do the budget amendment until a Committee would be held.
Venable stated that in order to sustain the three percent [employee] raise that was given, cuts must be made.
The DHR lease agreement was discussed. Chairman Mike Ashburn stated that he and John Porter met with DHR representatives. Ashburn was told if they took on or paid for maintenance of the building is the only negotiable part. DHR is requesting they lease the building for $1 per square foot, with no maintenance being provided by the county. The county is requesting a lease for $5 per square foot. The item will be discussed at the next work session. 

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