During the recent Jackson County Commission Work Session several items were discussed.

Commissioners discussed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. Commissioner Jason Venable stated he couldn’t recall the Commission  ever giving multiple days off for   Thanksgiving and New Years. He stated that while  he’s fine with multiple days for Christmas, county employees are typically given Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving.  Commissioner’s discussed giving county employees Christmas Holidays from  Monday, December 24 through  Wednesday, December 26. Commissioners also discussed New Year’s holidays for  Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1. However, it was suggested that New Year’s be decided later in the winter based on weather and the needs of the county residents.
The lease agreement between Jackson County and the Department of Human Resources was discussed in detail. According to Commissioners a lease agreement for consideration was sent to DHR representatives. The agreement suggested that the building be leased for $5 per square foot. According to Commissioner Tim Guffey, the standard lease agreement is $8 per square foot. However, DHR representatives counter offered  $5  per square foot and included conditions that the  county be responsible for everything, including maintenance and upkeep.  County Attorney John Porter stated that he could not recommend that option.  Commission Chairman Mike Ashburn explained that the  Commission needs to decide what they’d like to propose. Commissioners did not feel they should go lower than $5 per square foot. Commissioner Mike Sisk stated that DHR has no place to relocate to and won’t pull out immediately. They further discussed re proposing a lease agreement at a rate of $5 per
Reactivation of Paint Rock Valley  park board discussed. The matter came up when County School Superintendent Kevin Dukes requested that a park board be established. A board was previously in place, but has not been active since 2011.  Sisk stated, “Most of them wanted to know what  utilities, upkeep and taxes run.”  Sisk  further explained that those items need to be obtained and that previous members of the board   would like to keep the  gym, library and ball fields.  Ashburn stated that the county’s only liability is to the board. Funding would not come from Commission or the Board of Education. Venable stated, “A lot of active people would need to be on the board because it would be up to the board to make something happen.”  Ashburn reiterated the only thing the commission is involved in is reactivating the board and the  county will not accept the responsibility of the building. The Board would have that responsibility. Porter suggested a lease agreement from Jackson County Board of Education to the Park Board be prepared, and that advertisement  for a five member board should be made.

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