Making right choices

[I came across this listing several years ago, and I have no idea where from, but I share it with you for thought.]
1. Wrong is wrong even if one does not get caught.  One may cheat on his income tax, copy answers from another on a school test, break the speed limit or shop lift from a store.  His philosophy may be, ‘It’s only wrong if you get caught.’  Of course, sooner or later, one’s sins will find him out. (Num. 32:23).
2. Wrong is wrong even if it is legal.  Civil government is good and we are taught to respect and obey it (Rom. 13:1-7), but sometimes the laws of the state conflict with the laws of God. Civil government has made gambling, alcohol, abortion and divorce for many reasons legal but can never make them right.
3. Wrong is wrong even if it is for a ‘good cause.’  A civic or religious organization conducts a raffle and asks people to buy a chance (gamble) because ‘It’s for a good cause.’  A dance is held to raise money for a child who needs an operation.  A beer manufacturer says, ‘Buy our products, and a portion of your money will go to fight MS.’  Paul strongly rejected the false accusation that he said, ‘Let us do evil that good may come’ (Rom. 3:8).
4. Wrong is wrong even if someone else causes you to do it.  Adam tried to blame Eve for his sin, but he was still wrong.  Sometimes people cave in to pressure or are provoked into doing something wrong, but they are still responsible.
5. Wrong is wrong even if someone else has done something as bad or worse.  A teenager was trying to talk her Christian parents into letting her go to the school prom.  ‘But, Mom,’ she argued, ‘Everyone’s going to be there.’  Social drinking is often defended because, ‘Everybody does it.’  Someone excuses himself by saying, ‘Well, at least what I did was not as bad as what John did.’
6. Wrong is wrong regardless of who does it.  Who we are doesn’t give license to sin.
7. Wrong is wrong even if it doesn’t bother you.  Some may insist, ‘I don’t see anything wrong with it.’  I once read about a man who walked through a glass patio door.  He didn’t see it, but it was still there.
10. Wrong is wrong even if you do not admit it.  The prophet Malachi condemned the people of his day for a number of wrongs.  Rather than admitting and turning from them, they tried to ‘bluff’ their way through.  They said, ‘Where have we done this’ (Malachi 1:6; 2:17; 3:7-8)?  The fact that they tried to deny wrongdoing did not mean they were innocent.
Yes wrong is wrong regardless of all these things (and many more).  People in the military are taught to respond to a challenge of wrongdoing on their part by saying, “No excuse, sir!”  We must be willing to face our wrongs and make them right.”

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