Spring is a beautiful season with everything fresh and anew, except for everywhere you hide your junk!

Another year of buying and storing has come and gone, and you’re holding on to things thinking, “I might use this again.” So, you store in closets, under beds and cram junk anywhere else with the tiniest bit of extra space. Stop the madness and let’s get your storage under control with my easy as one, two, three organization.
Whether its spring cleaning, getting ready for a move or preparing to remodel, at some point you will need to clean out. Instead of stressing and getting overwhelmed you can always call for professional help or get three large bins, roll up your sleeves and dive in. If doing it yourself, stay focused and don’t let everything you come across drag you down memory lane. There will be time for that!
Let’s start with box number one. This is your keep box. Anything you are going to keep should go in here. These are items that you will use with some regularity. Great examples are wrapping paper, seasonal items and home décor. I go by my one-year rule. If it has not been used or worn in one year, it’s time to say goodbye. It’s okay to let go, I promise.
We will also have box number two. This is the store box. This will be everything you don’t use regularly but cannot part with. Family treasures, gifts the kids made and your other beautiful memories go in here. Keep in mind this will be stored, so pack accordingly. Wrap, pad and secure anything delicate. Protect those heirlooms.
Lastly, we have box number three. This is the go box. It can go to the trash, to donation or to the neighbors, but it has to go immediately. The longer it hangs around the greater opportunity you have to change your mind and end up in the same disorganized mess. Once again, its okay to let go!
After cleaning out, identify the space you will use to store your keep boxes. Label them clearly to make finding what you need easy. Do the same with your store boxes but keep them somewhere out of the way, as you will not need them that often. Get rid of your go pile and now you have a more organized home. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Taylor McLendon is a local designer and consultant. Taylor’s unique approach brings style and luxury into everyday life. For more design inspiration, please visit www.taylormclendondesign.com

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