Many of you may not know that just recently, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Although we have a history of heart disease in my family, at 38 it was still life altering to hear. I needed two bypasses and a valve replacement. Never having any surgery this far, let’s start with a big one, right?

A short 15 days later, they are as ready to get rid of me as I am them. One more cold sponge, dry shampoo, or bath from a stranger was too much for me to handle any longer.
After such a traumatic life experience how do you cope? How do you start recovering? How do you get back to your best self? In style that’s how!
Looking good is feeling good, and I am ready to make a full recovery. You all know what I’m saying when some things make you feel better than others? Gran’s chicken noodle soup vs. the can stuff is a no brainer. They say 6 months, and I’ll be good as new! I’m eating all the right things and doing all the right exercises.
Now let’s look at the simple style choices I added for quick recovery.
The first thing I did to style up my recovery was the hospital style shower chair. I selected a teak wood stool that gave the shower a more spa like feel, and it works! Appearance is half the battle, so I put on my diffuser and imagine myself right at the spa.
The second thing I did was cover any area I would relax with layers of textiles. Great pillows to lounge on, firm ones to hold over my heart if I need to cough, and enough blankets for the entire block to take a nap. Mix it up and make it fun. I Just pulled an assortment from all the bedrooms for the porch and den, and I was done.
The third thing anyone can do is add fresh flowers. Flowers make most people feel good and they usually have a favorite color, variety or smell. Simple arrangements are key here. Grab some hydrangeas and a big green leaf and you have the perfect simple arrangement. You can also upscale any of your arrangements received, just break them down into smaller arrangements. Even a vase of wild flowers will transform a space. Use flowers – they make people feel better.
Feeling better sooner is the name of the recovery game, and small enhancements can help you get there.

Taylor McLendon is a local designer and consultant. Taylor’s unique approach brings style and luxury into everyday life. For more design inspiration, please visit

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