Spring is here, and with the threat of an old wives’ tale winter behind us, it’s time to spruce up our outdoor spaces.

Any garden center you go in has color splashed around with beautiful displays of annual flowers. There’s so many colors and varieties – where do you start? I find it easiest to start with adding pops of color to planters. You don’t have to be a master gardener to have stunning displays as long as you remember the three Ts while potting; tall, tiny and trailing.
Let’s start with the tall. The tall is going to be the big wow in your pot. How tall depends on the scale you are working on. A good rule of thumb is 2:1 over your tiny plant. That is a good contrast in size but not too drastic. Make sure you apply that same rule to their full-grown size as well. Having a 12” plant next to a 4” plant doesn’t always look proportionate.
Next is the tiny. This is going to be the bulk or weight of your pot. With this plant you want to make sure it will get nice and full and has lots of color. Petunias or impatiens often make a good plant for this category and they do well in our climate.
Finally add your trailing plant. This is going to fill and spill over the side of your pot and give it the perfect finished look. Ivy, sweet potato vine and creeping jenny are some of my favorites, and they continue to mound and fill all season long.
Now you have a professional looking planter. To keep your pot looking great all year consider an evergreen for your tall and ivy for your trailing. You then just rotate seasonal color for your tiny plant, and it always looks great. For more impact group three different size pots together and create a lush botanical look. It’s as easy as three Ts.

Taylor McLendon is a local designer and consultant. Taylor’s unique approach brings style and luxury into everyday life. For more design inspiration, please visit www.taylormclendondesign.com

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