Once upon a time wallpaper was the go-to in home décor. It was super chic to have wild patterns, colors and designs covering your rooms.

There were add paste or dunk and hang options. I can’t even fathom the mess I would have on my hands. As this home décor trend ended and removal began, what an awful mess! If you have never had the pleasure of wall paper removal, it is a nightmare. You have to steam, scratch and tear your way through the room to remove it. Then you have to repair your sheetrock. Just the idea has been less than appealing to me until now.
In researching a project, I stumbled upon peel and stick wall paper. I thought, “Is this glorified shelf liner, or are we on to something?” My interest had been peaked! They made it sound so easy to change the look of a room, and when you’re done just peel it off. So down the internet rabbit hole I went. A multitude of vendors, hundreds of styles, I didn’t know where to begin.
I decided on a small area in the laundry room; you know the space between the top of the washer and dryer and the bottom of the cabinets above. I thought if it was going to go wrong, this will be the smallest area to repair. I selected my pattern and ordered. Like anything else there were a range of prices. From hand painted styles to $10.00 rolls, I stuck with a moderate $40.00 roll.
It arrived, and I couldn’t wait to try. I quickly rounded up my tape measure, straight edge and utility knife, and off I went. The first piece was easy as pie. The second piece stuck to me, the dryer and itself twice before I got it on the wall. With every snafu, it was easily peeled from where it did not belong. It got out of line on the wall, and I just peeled it right up. I finished up and it looked great, but I wondered how long it would stay up after that peeling and sticking.
The next morning it was still hanging in there. I was impressed! My peel and stick ship lap wallpaper looked good, and people could not believe it was peel and stick. It didn’t take long, and I had it between the shelves in the pantry and then on a focal wall. Eventually I get bored and down it pulls, and up goes a new pattern.
This is an easy way to get a big change in any room in your home. I like to stick to focal walls, but one could easily do an entire room. Just don’t rush! Getting anything lined up straight can be tedious, but in the end, you’ll love the new look.

Taylor McLendon is a local designer and consultant. Taylor’s unique approach brings style and luxury into everyday life. For more design inspiration, please visit www.taylormclendondesign.com

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