The importance of getting out
1 in 4 women experience domestic violence, but this statistic shows only the women who report domestic violence. So many people experience domestic violence and never tell; they live with it for decades.

Others experience it and pay the ultimate price with their lives. There is no reason to stay in a violent relationship.
If you see violence please have the courage to report it. Call someone for help. Give the victim information about the local domestic violence program. If you have a friend, co-worker, neighbor, acquaintance, or family member who is in a relationship where violence is present they do not have a guarantee that it will not escalate to the point of someone getting killed.
Once a relationship gets violent it stays violent. It may not be physically violent every day, but it will always lead back to physical violence. Without proper intervention the next time could be the last time. Too many people die thinking that the person they love will stop at any moment. They still trust the person who hurts them loves them too much to actually go through with it.
There is no reason good enough to stay with someone who abuses you. Your children do not need you to stay with a person who treats you terribly. Your parents will understand that leaving is the only way to stay safe. Your preacher will not condemn you for leaving someone who is violent. You do not have to justify it to anyone. Just get out before it is too late.
Leaving a violent relationship is dangerous. No one should have to do it alone. Let an advocate safety-plan with you and get everything ready before you leave. Remember, the most important thing is your safety. Try to get things together that you know you will need like birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s license, bank information (debit card/check book), and things that cannot be replaced. Your furniture and clothes are replaceable. No one can replace you!
If you or someone you know is in a violent relationship please have the courage to call. Advocates are trained to help you formulate an exit strategy that will keep you safe. If you have nowhere to go we have access to shelter. Shelter is a place to be safe and regroup. Once someone is safe it is easier to plan the next steps.
We at Crisis Services of North Alabama never want to hear that someone did not get out because they did not know there was help. We want to help everyone that we can get to safety. Rebuilding your life is only possible if you find the courage to leave and stay out. If you need help planning please contact us locally at 256-574-5826 or on our 24 hour HELPline at 256-716-1000. Do not wait too late to change your circumstances.
In honor of all those who never escape the abuse, we are asking survivors to come forward and tell us your story. Our office is confidential, and your story will never be shared without your permission. If you have a story to tell we want to hear it. Please call us and let us set up a time. You never know how your story of survival could give someone else the courage to get out! We encourage all survivors to share their story with at least one other person that they trust. Let us never stop encouraging other people to stop living in fear and violence.

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