How can I help?
For someone going through difficult times, a healthy support system is important in facilitating healing. You may be that support system for someone, but yet feel you are not sure how to best help. Here are some ideas to help you reach out.

•Let the person know that you care for them, and you are there to support them.
•Use kind words. Many times we tend to blame ourselves for things out of our control. A kind word can go a long way in helping to restore someone’s self-esteem.
•Give a compliment. They may not be feeling really great about their situation, but they are trying, and your words of encouragement may be the fuel for them to keep going.
•Don’t avoid them. When we don’t really know what to say, sometimes we avoid a situation. They need you to listen more than anything. Be present.
•Offer an encouraging book or song. Inspirational words can help to lift our spirits and give us a new perspective, and music has a healing quality.
•Send a card or bring a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day.
•Find out about available resources for their situation. Offer to go with them to access these resources.
The most important way you can help someone going through a difficult time is just being there for them, listening without judgement or advice. Expect good days and bad days. They may not want to talk about what’s going on, so allow them to lead the conversation.
Support from family and friends is so important for someone overcoming a sexual assault or a domestic violence situation. But, there are times when it’s easier to talk with a stranger. Crisis Services of North Alabama offers support services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence at no charge. You may reach our office at 256.574.5826.

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