No More Week is March 3rd - 9th this year.

This year’s No More Week’s theme is Change Happens Here. Now in its sixth year, No More Week coincides with International Women’s Day (March 8th) and is aimed at inspiring everyone to make change to help create a culture of safety, equality, and respect in our communities. According to, “During No More Week 2019 (March 3-9), we support survivors and recognize activists who are working to ending domestic and sexual violence. But the week is also meant as a call to action for everyone to make a commitment to help change the culture that has supported violence for too long — whether in their hearts and minds or where they live, work and play. Change happens everywhere. #ChangeHappensHere!”
No More is a groundbreaking, global initiative comprised of the largest coalition of nonprofits, corporations, government agencies, media, schools and individuals addressing domestic violence and sexual assault. They are a campaign of NEO Philanthropy, a 501(c)(3) public charity, and are committed to engaging, reaching and working with people from diverse communities. They work to amplify and grow the movement to stop and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault, in homes, schools, workplaces and communities around the world by creating innovative campaigns, partnerships and tools that leverage the power of the media, entertainment, sports, technology, and collective action.
We are asking our community to take part in No More Week by making simple changes in the way we see domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. This could mean that you decide to believe someone when they tell their story. Maybe you will decide to become more informed about domestic violence and sexual assault. You could possibly even decide to become involved in local organizations that are working with survivors. Let everyone know that you support survivors by posting to social media how you decide to make change happen and use #ChangeHappensHere.
If you live in Jackson County and are interested in becoming part of the conversation to make change happen locally, please consider becoming a part of the Jackson County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The coalition is made up of individuals throughout Jackson County who have committed themselves in being informed regarding the needs of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in our area. This group of active citizens help to bridge the gap between communities and survivors by fundraising, collecting donated furniture, distributing information about domestic violence and sexual assault resources, and hosting speakers that keep the coalition informed on a variety of topics. If you are interested in coming to a coalition meeting please contact Crisis Services of North Alabama locally at (256)574-5826.
If you or someone you know has been a victim of intimate partner violence please contact Crisis Services of North Alabama for free, confidential advocacy. Our staff is trained to provide trauma informed crisis counseling and case management. We can be reached locally at (256)574-5826, at our 24 hour HELPline at (256)716-1000, or on our website, Help us take a stand against violence by saying No More. Together our community can state that Change Happens Here!

Upcoming Events

26 Mar 2019
07:00PM -
Revival at Mt Olive Baptist
27 Mar 2019
07:00PM -
Revival at Mt Olive Baptist
28 Mar 2019
05:00PM - 08:00PM
Rosalie Community Center Stew Supper
28 Mar 2019
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Revival at Mt Olive Baptist
06 Apr 2019
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Roaches Cove Baptist Community Egg Hunt

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