We want to gear this column to young people starting out on a limited income and those making a new start whatever the reason.

Many young people want to start at the top and work their way down so they buy a big TV on payments, maybe the best appliances which they finance. Then comes the rest of the furniture that is also financed. Then there has to be one or two vehicles which also have to be financed.
Now you have 6 or 8 payments or more to make each month plus food, gas, insurance and other expenses. First thing yo are in debt so deep you cannot get out.
We suggest you use your head and be sensible when you are just starting out. There is a used appliance store here where you can buy your appliances far below retail and they are guaranteed the first 3 months but we buy all our appliances for rentals there and have never had to return anything. You might get a washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator for less than $800.
Buy one each payday if you cannot buy all at once. Save your money for them. A stove and fridge may sometimes be had for $400 or less.  Now to the living room. Start looking for used furniture now at thrift stores and Craig’s List. It is time consuming but also fruitful. Two new club chairs were bought recently for $100. Still had plastic on the feet, overstuffed and name brand. Two tall bookcases were bought by the same person for $65 for both of them. She is going to paint them. You can always find end tables and coffee tables for $25 or less or for all three. Take them home, KILZ and paint. And the list goes on and on for the way you can furnish your first home cheaply. Check, out the thrift and consignment shops before buying retail. Later you can get your money back out of them and buy better ones. We recently bought an extra large fridge without the kick plate at bottom for $175.
While you are shopping for furniture you might find lamps and accessories. Don’t buy anything till you shop for used first.
Then you have to eat. Budget here also. No eating fast food till you can afford it. For the price of a combo you can buy a whole pound of deli meat and make 6 or 8 sandwiches. You can slice potatoes, add a little water and zap in the microwave a few minutes and they are better than chips. Buy some cheap cans of veggies and make a big pot of soup that will last several days.
As you go along you will think of adding things to your menu that will save a weeks salary. You must have a bag of potatoes and a bag of dried beans for the really hard time. Potato salad, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, potato soup, scalloped potatoes, microwave
Potatoes, bean soup, cooked beans (bring to boil, add a lid, turn them off two hours, drain and rinse with hot water. Add more hot water and cook till tender- two or three hours) you can freeze in meal sizes and pull out when you need them. Use leftovers to make bean soup.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I I’ll tell you how to make good bread.
If you have an idea for a column email the above. We would to love to hear from you.

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