Why do young people do drugs:

This is the big question on the lips of many who have never had any experience with people who do drugs.
There are many miserable people in the world, especially young people who have no support at home. Imagine young people having to get themselves up every morning to go to school. They dress themselves and pour a bowl of cereal while the parents are still in bed in the two-bedroom trailer. They try to get to the side of the road to catch the school bus. Sometimes the older children try to help the younger ones get dressed for school.
This is not fiction but something that happens many times in a young person’s life, day after day this is the routine. They may come home from school to a meal of a bologna and cold pork and beans that they eat any where they can find to sit down in the filthy surroundings.
These are the kids who grow up angry feeling they owe nobody anything and when they are offered something that makes them feel better and fly away for just a little while they grab it like someone drowning. The only bright spot in their lonely lives. We hurt for them. We understand them. We want to tell them there is a better world out there if only they can hold on and continue going to school till one day they can graduate the mess they grew up in. Many do.
Many quit school as soon as they can and find people they can stay with one after another and the people they find to take them in are what are known as druggies. That is the beginning.
Now they have someone who pays attention to them and give them the attention they have craved all their lives. And even though they are using drugs many times they try to protect their younger siblings for they know how this habit can lie to you and make you think you are living the good life. But this has dawned too late. They are now hooked on this circus and on the ponies that go round and round without there seeming a way to get off. After awhile when they realize what they have done to themselves they feel hopeless.
But it is never hopeless. As long as there is life there is hope. First they must have someone who believes in them. They need to be told about God. They need to hear how He loves them and how He can take that craving away from them if only they believe. It is happening in many rehabs today. It is happening to those that attend Celebrate Recovery regularly, it is happening to people who really want to get clean.
If you know an addict, take time to talk to them about God and the life He wants for them. Give them a Bible with pertinent passages highlighted. The blessings you will receive will be immense. There is no joy like that you receive when helping another human being.
So go hunting. Look hard. There is someone waiting for you to find them. Offer them a hand up.
God bless.

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