Have you ever seen so much hatred in this country.

They hate our flag, they hate our president, they hate people who like our president, they hate everything he does good or bad for our country, they hate each other if the other side has different ideas. What is wrong with people?
They have forgotten God. That’s what’s wrong with them. If they go to church they don’t listen for if they did they would know God is love, not hate. How can a Christian hate anybody. I can tell you, Christians don’t hate. The Pretenders hate but they think going to church excuses them and hides their hatred but God knows our hearts and that’s the only One that matters. And He matters above all else.
I hate to turn on the news sometimes and often turn it off. Facebook, that I use to enjoy, is often filled with hatred not just for the president but for a girl friend or boy friend or they take their hate out on an enemy in the most public way for everyone to see.
Hate is such an ugly word. It is not in my vocabulary. If you are treated badly by somebody the thing to do is cross them off your list and pretend they are there no more. Don’t try to mix with them socially so you can flaunt your hatred. You just make a fool out of yourself and make yourself sick for the next few days. Cross them off your imaginary list. That’s exactly what I have done for a long time. I was told once by my doctor I was letting too many people take up room in my head. That was around the time I let people and things cause me to have a nervous breakdown I didn’t get over for a year or more but when my Lord brought me out of that darkness, as I had been calling on him to do, I made myself a promise that I would never let anybody do that to me again and I have kept that promise to myself.
I have mastered the art of walking away thereby keeping my joy and serenity. Many of us know people who like to take away our joy and we just have to pretend they moved last week and their house is empty. At my age my motto is, “peace, dear Lord, just give me peace.”
I don’t mean to say I don’t see and hear things that would have bothered me a long time ago but I just walk on by. I told someone recently, I thought I could show up at a cocktail party in jeans and everybody else in formals and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. There comes a time in life when you absolutely know who you are and I could laugh and have just as good a time in jeans as I could in an expensive formal. (But I would never do it!)
Get rid of hate. Do not pay attention to hateful people. They have a problem. Don’t let them pass it on to you. Just walk away.
And if you enjoy whining and finding something wrong with everything. Stop it now and relax.
“Don’t worry, be happy.”

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