Deep down inside we all know we cannot feel better at someone else’s expense. It is cruel and unusual punishment to feel satisfaction when we make someone else feel bad.

It says nothing about them but so much about you. So is it worth it to hurt someone else’s feelings just to make you feel good because you are jealous of that person. God built us fat or thin, black or white, tall or short so it is no fault of our own how we look. So in criticizing someone else for their looks is criticizing God’s work and in one way or another you will be punished for it.
Everybody loves a nice, friendly person. Perhaps that is why someone took it upon her or himself to belittle that person to more or less say, “You’re not so much after all,” or “you’re not as smart as you think you are.” Perhaps the person you are addressing has not thought about it either way, he/she is just being their normal self with no regard to how smart she is nor how she is viewed by others.
Many times that old cliche’ applies: “The ones than can, do, and the ones who cannot or won’t, criticize.” We all have known people like this. You join a committee of 15 and you may have 3 or 4 that will do all the work and the whole committee gets the credit. Nobody says, “I didn’t help.” I often wondered in my earlier “joining years” why they joined in the first place. Just to be able to say they were a member?
Anyway if you are jealous of someone just keep your silence and stay away from them. Quit the club or committee and that will take care of the problem or you can jump in and do your part also.
Be nice. God is watching.

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