As I watched the body of Billy Graham being reverently carried to a resting place in the rotunda of the capital in Washington D.C. this morning,

I could not help but think of that old cliche,’ people sometimes say to their children, “You can be anything you want to be.” Billy Graham took this saying literally and rose to international fame as the world’s pastor leading thousands to Christ. What an example for his own children as well as the children of the world.
Rising from a farm boy in the farmlands of North Carolina to a world leader for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he was just Billy, no pretense, no frills, just him and his Bible as he went from country to country spreading the good news of his savior and the difference He could make in the lives of all those within the hearing of his message. I can see him now, Bible in hand, pointing it at the congregation as he brought home some passage he wanted no one to miss.
No doubt, thousands who went to his services had never darkened the door of a church but found themselves on their knees at the alter before the night was over.
According to a long-time friend, Billy had no special everyday personality but when he got his Bible in his hand he came alive with the Holy Spirit and that wonderful spirit was transported to all those within hearing distance and brought them their knees and to Jesus Christ.

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