If you are in recovery and want to remain in recovery then you need to invite God into your life.

You won’t find many that recover and stay in recovery without the Holy Spirit. Ask anyone who has succeeded staying in recovery and they will tell you they could not have done it without God.
There are those who have never been to church and it scares them to even think about God. Too many have grown up hearing they were headed straight to hell if they strayed a little to the left. I heard many of those old hell fire and damnation sermons as I grew up in the country and I was scared to death to hear someone talking about God but there came a time when I was so devastated I had no where to go but to Him. And that was when I met the real God, the God of love. God loves you and wants to help you. You haven’t done enough for Him to ever turn His back on you.
He will lead you out of that trashy life you have made for yourself. He will lift you up to unbelievable heights and keep you there as long as you have faith in Him.
If you are addicted to drugs it is time you stop and think about your future.
You have no future if you stay on drugs. You will wander around in a fog till you finally die without ever having a real happy life. You are slowly killing yourself and your time is limited if you do not make a sensible decision to decide to control your life and stop letting drugs control it. Whether you will admit it or not drugs control your life. There is a good, reasonably priced, rehab at Woodville called Great Expectations and they have been successful in helping a lot of addicts. Call them or another rehab and start that journey to sobriety now, not only for your sake but for those who love you as well.

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