Bullying is still on my mind and try as I may, I cannot get the picture of the tear-stained face of that little 11 year old that recently went viral, of him saying how it felt to be bullied so badly he was afraid to go to lunch at school.

He said, “They call me ugly, make fun of my nose, my clothes. They pour milk on me and put ham down my clothes and throw bread at me.” He went on to say he could not understand why people wanted to treat someone innocent like that. He called his mother that day to come pick him up so he wouldn’t have to go to lunch again.
My first question is where was the teacher or lunchroom workers when this was going on. How could it be allowed to go on for years and nobody do anything about it. He said it had been really bad since third grade. He is now 11. Unbelievable this child had to endure this humiliating treatment for years. How could he keep his mind on studying thinking of what was coming at lunch time or how could he study after having milk poured on his head and food stuffed down his shirt and bread being thrown at him. Was it not seen by the teacher when he returned to the classroom? Everyone who ignored the bullying of this young man is just as guilty as the perpetrators.
The schools must do something about bullying! Tell the parents of the bullies and if they refuse to do anything about it then expel them. Something drastic must be done to get the attention of these torturers. Maybe have a lunchroom and recess observer to monitor the playgrounds and lunchroom. We don’t know the answer but there has to be one. Maybe the PTO could ask for volunteers to be on the playground and in the lunchroom each day. Then call a conference with the bully and his parents.
Bullying is not limited to children. There are plenty of adult bullies. I have been bullied at least twice in recent years. I reacted with only one thing on my mind, I had been humiliated through no fault of my own and I went berserk! And acted like a crazy person! I don’t take bullying from anybody and stand silently by and cry. I still have a lot of the old Christine in me when I am mistreated for no reason except for the perp’s enjoyment and satisfaction. We don’t have to stand for bullying. We must fight back. When you do, bullies back off and deny they have done anything wrong. In this case my spiritual teaching was made fun of to the people I had been teaching and who had a lot of confidence in me. To say I was shocked is to put it mildly.
Unbelievable is the word because it came from someone who purportedly claimed to be an upright Christian and someone I trusted. I was so hurt and mad I lashed out immediately instead of waiting until I cooled off but this had been going on for several days and that particular day I could take no more when yet another woman told me more things she had said. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had believed in her so much I had asked her to help me and I guarded those women like an old mother hen and had a wonderful relationship with them. I dared anyone to try to jeopardize that relationship and I reacted like a tornado. But because of this woman I quit something that had been a blessing to me for years. I became so depressed by what had happened to me and my roaring reaction that I had no desire to go on so the bully got exactly what she had been working for −to run me off.
We should never let a bully accomplish his goal but I understand when someone gives up. You feel the fight is not worth it. I Apologized to this person for my reaction for I was ashamed I let her have this much control over me.
It is interesting how cunning a bully is. They can do their dirt and pretend they would never do such a thing and everybody believes them. This is the worst kind of bully. You are made the villain and that is hard to take without saying anything.
I’m telling you this to let you know you are not alone when you are bullied by Miss Goody Two Shoes. Those that keep the meanness hidden are the worst kind of hypocrite. The definition of a hypocrite is ”a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion.” It is best to ignore them and scratch them off your list but this woman was trying to jeopardize something that was close to my heart, one of the closet things to my heart, and I could not believe she would do this to me after I had invited her to help me. She did not want to be the helper. But I did not have the heart to go on after this and found another mission that is also close to my heart. There is always plenty of work to do for the Lord.
It is a shame to raise a child without compassion. Actually it is a sin for they grow to adulthood with no compassion for others. It is a sad thing to see young people torture an animal and laugh about it. These people have no qualms about torturing a human being and maybe worse.
So when someone, adult or child, tells you somebody with a flawless reputation is bullying them, believe them. Most of the time it may be true but Christian is the wrong thing to call them for the love of God is not in them no matter how much they try to convince people. Evil is lurking around in their head as they pretend. We have all met this kind of person that no one would believe they could deliberately be mean.
Just stay away from them and keep your peace.


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