Let’s not let the hatred that is going on in our country right now make us give up.

There are so many good people in our world and I believe Good will always defeat Evil. We just have to be unified in prayer for our nation because God does care and He hears us when we pray in faith. We do not pray in vain. When we pray in earnest He hears us and He does not listen in vain. I believe that with all my heart. Let’s pray for peace, not just with other nations but within our own country.
Where there is the darkness of hatred and bigotry let God shine His pure light of Love. Let Him strike them down with Compassion. Where there is ignorance let Him cover them with His knowledge. As in our old typing class, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”
No truer words were ever spoken. We cannot sit back and say nothing!
Now is the time to speak up. Contact your Representatives. Remind them you are a voter and you have friends. Write to the president himself! Write or call them all even those not in our district.
But with all our efforts, God is the way. He is capable of all things and he never turns a deaf ear to us when we call on Him and no job is to large for Him. Belief. Faith. Those are the answers and not accepting the status quo. Speaking up has never been popular but it is worth it. As long as you know you are right you may not be popular but in your heart you will know you have done the right thing.
Our ancestors did not found this country to have it taken over by a bunch of thugs. Pray.
Sometimes I long for the days of washing the dishes in a dishpan while someone else dries, rubbing the clothes on the rub board, hanging them on the line to dry and getting through in time to listen to “Stella Dallas” on the battery radio after pouring water on the “ground” wire!

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