Beautiful yard

You know there is so much beauty around us if we only make the time to look around. As I lie here in bed typing with one left finger I have opened the curtains so that I may look outside as I type.

This morning everything is fresh and dewey from last night’s rain. I love a good thunderstorm with the rain beating against my windows. I could listen to its melodious sound for hours. And afterward everything is so clean and fresh smelling. At times like these I love to go sit on my sun porch and watch the birds searching to see if there is any food left and because of about five little bushy tailed squirrels it is difficult to keep food in the bird feeders. They chewed a thick plastic lid off my bird feed box recently. So I put it all in glass jars and sealed them good and left on my table in the carport so it would be convenient for me to stock my feeders.
The next day one of them had managed to get the lid off one of the jars and had scattered seed everywhere again, And all my feeders were empty as well.
The ground around the feeders is covered with food so if they get hungry enough they will eat off the ground
God creates amazing beauty all around us if we will take time to appreciate it. I find beauty in old rotting stumps and driftwood that has washed ashore. I randomly pitch a few into my flower beds. I have a special trunk in the middle of my patio where a tree recently blew down pulling up big cracks in my concrete. I have been giving this one a lot if thought. It’s perfect for a little custom flower bed that I will make as soon as my right broken wrist and knot on my forehead heal! I was pulling a few grass blades recently and took a tumble head first into rocks surrounding the beds and did a good job of hurting myself all over. Once again I could make no one hear me so I scooted on my butt to the carport and managed to pull myself up enough to get to the horn!
So forgive any typos in this piece. I am typing it with one finger of my left hand. Oh, well, things are sure to get better. They can’t get much worse!
Enjoy. Look around at the beauty surrounding you.
I ain’t gonna lie! I’m pretty miserable with a cast to my shoulder and butterfly bandages above my blue and swollen eye but like everything else, this too, shall pass and the blue skies and rainbows will appear right on time again..

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