Remember when?

Too many times elderly citizens fall into, “Oh, my gosh, all she talks about is her arthritis and all the medicines she takes!”

When we get to that point we need to take another look at ourselves. Nothing has changed but our age. We are still that person who loved dancing, road trips, barbecues, having friends over, the parties on Saturday nights and all the things young people do today. We have just slowed down a bit and been dumped in a class called “senior citizens,” which immediately brings to mind the word “decrepit.” Don’t dump us all into that group. Many of us are older but haven’t become “blank of mind!”
Sometimes we have a pity party and forget who we are or were. We are the same person we were thirty years ago, just a few more wrinkles and aches and pains, but if we bore our friends talking about nothing except something negative, soon they will depart, one by one.
As we age we naturally collect a pain here or there, but there is usually an answer to why we are hurting. Many times, not always, we can get help for whatever ails us, but there is little to stop us from having a good life as we age. It is our choice. Many are tired and “wore out” and are ready for a sedentary life without challenges, while others are always seeking something to brighten their days. It’s there if you want it. Just because you don’t seek a rip-roaring life doesn’t mean there are not things you can still enjoy regardless of your ailments.
My activities are thwarted by weak leg muscles and insomnia, but I still find things I enjoy doing. I can still go shopping by holding on to the cart, so that’s what I do. It is so inconvenient not to be able to do the things we have always done, but we can find new things to enjoy.
I have always enjoyed working in my yard, but while I can do very little of the physical labor, I can hire people and participate by showing them what I want to do, giving me participation and enjoyment seeing clean flower beds and new plants coming to life.
If you have a special interest then do some research on the subject. I can sit for hours researching shade plants and learning what to buy and where.
If you like to play cards, call three others and play cards. Even if you have health problems and still have a smidgen of a mind you can still play cards or just meet and eat.
Many can entertain themselves all day - every day. They are the ones who stay young and happy.
Just be careful as you age and walk carefully, avoiding life-changing falls that are dangerous. Also, be careful driving your vehicle. Slow down, keep your mind from wandering, and watch where you are going. We are not as alert as we once were, but that doesn’t mean we have to be labeled “senile.” Just don’t drive if your medicine has that warning on it. I made the mistake of doing that and turned into my driveway hitting a boulder I had paid to have put there! Only cost me $3500 to get my car repaired. I don’t take anti-histamines and drive any more, even if it has been several hours since I took it.
Just be careful out there, senior citizens, and enjoy your life. It can still be good - if not fantastic. Just remember the good times with no regrets.


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