If we want to live a good life there are certain traits we must have, and love is the greatest of these.

We must love others as Jesus loves us. That is, with a true love from the heart, a sincere love, caring for others. This may take practice for some of us but imagine that person in some terrible life struggle, would you help him even though you didn’t like him?
That’s the kind of love I’m talking about. Sometimes it may not be easy, but if you are truly a Christian you will do it gladly.
Another trait we must have is humility. This is a hard one for some people. But we must be humble if we are a true Christian. We must respect others whatever financial situation they are in. We should never brag to them about our possessions which far exceed their’s. If anything, we should downplay our material things to people. I once knew someone who bought a house in an impressive neighborhood, but when someone asked where they had moved to, they made light of it by saying, “Oh, near so and so,” and changed the subject.
Some of us never learn that our earthly possessions are immaterial in this earthly life. It is the spiritual possessions we should be concerned about. Spiritual people are so easy to associate with. You can immediately spot one after a few minutes of conversation. They are so easy to be around and such a true pleasure. I can almost recognize a humble person from the beginning of a conversation. They don’t immediately start promoting themselves and their possessions as some do, they let people find out for themselves.
I think people who do this are very socially insecure and feel they have to promote themselves and their family, but the right people will never judge them - never let someone make you judge yourself. Always be yourself, and you have nothing to hide. Be glad your friends are doing well, and if they are they won’t have to tell you about it.
By the way, I’m thinking about buying a new Lexus, but I’m not going to tell anybody about it. Ha! (I just wanted to see who would run out and beat me to it)! I’ll humbly tell you mine is twenty years old and still runs as well as ever. I’m too old for the impressing game any more!


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