Day to day we glide along taking life for granted and assuming that those we love will always be with us, but when we stop to think about it we know this isn’t true. We don’t want to think about it so, we put off thinking about it ‘til another day.

That’s the way I have always thought about my sister. She is always there any time I call, but what if one day she isn’t there any more?
I recently had cause to give this some terrifying thought. My niece called to tell me my sister was in the emergency room at the hospital with a possible stroke, and that they were doing all sorts of tests to see what had happened to cause her to fall and impair her speech.
My first thought was to get to Huntsville Hospital as soon as possible, but my better sense told me her family didn’t need me there, so I started praying, crying as I prayed. She had been diagnosed earlier with inoperable encephalitis and had been falling a lot, and I felt like she had just about given up. It pained me terribly that they could not operate or do anything for her, and I know that was on her mind constantly.
Needless to say, I thought this might be a stroke that would take her life, and I could not imagine living without her in my life, so I asked God with all my heart to please spare her, to guide the doctors who were taking care of her, let them make it all right. I cried and sobbed as I prayed and talked to my old Friend, yet I was scared to death. I was afraid He needed her more than I did, and I was afraid His will would be done, but still I prayed unceasingly all day long, waiting to hear more news which didn’t come that night. I kept praying asking God to heal my best friend, the one I had always shared my life and secrets with, the one who had seen me through two heart attacks, many crying sessions, listened as I felt I just could not hold on any longer and assuring me that God was watching over me. Once she said to me, “Chris, God is a loving God. He loves you.” This was at a time when I still had it in my head, “God’s gonna get me for that.” I truly thought of Him in fear, not love. I had listened to too many of the old-time preachers who assured me I was going to hell if I didn’t get to that altar in a hurry. So my sister helped bring my soul to the Lord. I thought a lot about what she said, and still do. I think of Him in such a loving way today for I know, beyond any doubt, that He is my best friend, and He listens to me when I cry out to Him. I had to believe He was going to lay His loving hands on my precious sister and send her back to me.
The next day, to my texted question one more time, I got this message: She had not had a stroke (maybe a mini one, they did not know yet), all tests were normal, and she did not have encephalitis. The former doctor had been mistaken. This neurosurgeon said her brain looked fine for her age.
I cannot tell you how my heart rejoiced at the good news, for I knew how much this would mean to her, to her life, her family and me.
Folks, never doubt that God hears our prayers, for many were going up to Him for my sister, and the prognosis was so much better than we ever imagined it would be.
I promised her a whole chocolate pie all to herself as soon as she is able to enjoy it.

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