When you find such an abundance of joy in something you want to share it with someone else - over and over.

I have two new flower beds and all the others renewed with new weed block and mulch. As a three-pickup-truck caravan rolled into my driveway loaded with mulch, top soil and potting soil, I’m sure my neighbors wondered what in the world was going on, but it was like manna from heaven to me, for last year my legs were too weak to do any yard work. I still cannot stay on my feet without support for very long at a time, but long enough to say, “Put this one over there, or maybe it would look better here.” And on the day went, until the plants were planted, the weed block put in place, the mulch was put down, the rocks surrounded the beds and the bird bath was added.
My main man, Patrick, took charge of the project. I could have walked away and turned him loose, and it would have been perfect because he is not only the fastest worker I have ever seen, but has excellent taste as well - not only in building flower beds but in selecting interior paint, remodeling a bathroom or whatever needs doing; he can do it without hesitation and do it well. I couldn’t do without him. Recently he is working for me full-time, as one job follows another from building handicapped bathrooms to knocking out a concrete wall for a door. This young man is a wizard! But you can’t have him for a long time for we have jobs for the rest of the summer, and maybe till Christmas, if our luck continues as it has for the past few months.
It is as hard to find a sunny spot in my yard as it is to find a selection of shade plants locally unless it is Hosta and a few others.
I just recently discovered that I have potential flower beds around my pine trees where I have raked and saved pine needles for a long time. I have learned that all I have to do is rake out a hole in the pine mulch and plant a flower in it! It is wonderful rotted mulch and perfect for a flower bed.
Well, I don’t usually write about gardening but it is such a good way to get rid of the cobwebs in the brain and bring a fresh new breeze of joy that I wanted to share. Get out the hoe and rake and let a fresh breeze blow the old cobwebs away and let something beautiful take their place.

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