We all want our children raised in an easy-going, pleasant atmosphere but so many miss the boat in this situation.

One fun-loving, easy going parent and the other always fuming about something prevents the children from being happy.
It seems that sometimes one parent is always mad, if he isn’t, the first little infraction sets him off and ruins the day for the rest of the family. Do you know anyone like this. I have known several of these people and it is impossible for the family to be happy if one of them stays strung as tight as a banjo string that might break at any minute keeping his family on pins and needles all the time never able to relax waiting for the next tirade.
I have often wondered about these people, what kind of childhood they had. Were they, themselves reared by a mad person. We have all seen people who seemed constantly mad. I knew a woman once who was terrified of her husband. He was not only verbally abusive but physically abusive as well. Her family tried for years to get her to leave him but she wouldn’t, afraid of the consequences. When I heard of her death it made me so sad for she was a tormented soul. I often wondered who he would bully now that she was gone. I’m sure he found someone as they live for the day they can browbeat somebody. It’s ironic that I went to high school with this man and I don’t remember hearing him speak all that time. Maybe he kept the anger pent up until he could find someone he could bully. Who knows but he certainly made his wife’s life a living hell and she was afraid to confront him.
It makes you wonder if his children are bullies or if they learned a compassionate lesson from seeing their mother bullied all those years. They are usually one way or the other, a bully or totally opposite from what they grew up with.
God help those that are bullied today and give them the courage to get out of the situation and regain some peace and joy in their lives.
It takes very little effort to be kind and keep your hateful remarks to yourself rather than use them on your family. Do you actually enjoy making their lives miserable? And to those who are being bullied learn to stand up for yourself. You are worthy and never let some bully convince you otherwise.

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