Be nice to someone today, and every day. The good feeling runs both ways when you are courteous to someone.
It is much easier to be nice than to be ugly, don’t you agree?

I was having lunch at a restaurant recently when I heard a ruckus up front and looked up to see a red-faced hillbilly shouting at several poor waitresses. I heard one of them say, “Can I help you, Sir, to which he replied, “Yes! I want some (Expletive) tea in that glass (in the back on his table). As he passed my table I just couldn’t control myself so I got right down there in the gutter with him, saying loud enough for him to hear me “For goodness sake give him some tea!”
I was embarrassed for him and hurt for those poor waitresses who stood there and took his ignorant tirade. I’m afraid I could not have been as nice as they were but one of them hurriedly got a pitcher of tea and refilled his glass.
Ignorance personified!
It is a virtue to be nice to people but I will have to admit that there have been rare occasions when I have let someone get under my skin till I had to retaliate but only twice that I can remember. While little bursts of lightening attacked my mind I lashed out but it will never happen again. If someone is ugly just ignore them, walk away and mark through their name on your list. (I have a very short list).
We all have enough troubles without someone taking pride adding to them. You never know what someone standing next to you may be going through. Don’t put one more hurt on them.
I try to make it a habit to notice people in line behind me at the supermarket and if I have a cart full and they have a few items I always let them go first. Costs me less than two minutes of my time, which I have plenty of, they appreciate it and may pay it forward to someone else.
You never know how far one little act of kindness may reach.

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