I had a notice today of another classmate passing over. This is three of them this month. How sad and it makes you remember the happy days of high school when the most important thing was getting out of bed in the mornings.

Enjoy life now. Don’t wait until the right time for it never comes. Do the things you enjoy and forget the mundane things for we don’t know how many more tomorrows we may have.
Let’s take care of ourselves and maybe in a few years the local headlines will read, “Old lady made it to 100. Who’d a thought it! Such an opinionated old woman like her was just too stubborn to lay down and die.”
Or it could read,, “Old woman who turned 100 today said her doctor told her she just might make it another ten years if she keeps on keeping on.”
That’s what we have to do, keep on keeping on. Yesterday I decided I had sat around, staggered around, falling sometimes, balance off, long enough so I got out of my favorite chair and precariously went to my flower bed that was neglected all last year and I bent over and waited to see if I was going to fall on my head and when I didn’t, I began to pull the dead branches from my dozen or more hydrangeas. Before long I had completed one bed and decided to do the next ones today. I took my new knee pads with me, laid them down and got on my knees and then, uh-oh, I’m in trouble! I couldn’t even pull dead branches from my unsteady perch. I thought a minute and said to myself, “Now what am I gonna do.” I decided if I put one of the pads under my bottom I might be able to push myself up with the other leg. So after much effort and near misses I was mobile again and began to relieve my next bed of hydrangeas of their last years dead wood. I was able to complete both beds and pile the dead wood in little piles to pick up later. And I had just given my yard wagon away!
What a good feeling to be accomplishing something again and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. The weather was beautiful and when I had finished my task I fixed a large glass of iced grape soda and sat down at the table in the carport with my iPad and enjoyed the rest of the day.
Of course I was sore! Could hardly walk yesterday but not so bad today.
I’m never going to say never. As long as we can move we can do something. Usually more than we think we can. We must get out of that mindset that because our birthday says old we don’t have to listen. Tomorrow I must pick up my dead sticks and get them to the street and after that I will think of something.
Get up and get out! It ain’t your time yet!

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