Sometimes it is so hard to change directions when we have traveled the same road for so long.

We see a little road that turns right and a little further on there is another fork in the road but we don’t dare get off the road we are on, the one we are familiar with. We sometimes cannot see anything but the road ahead, the one we have become comfortable with. But sometimes it is wise to just sit down on the side of the road, kick a few pebbles, chew on a stick and just sit there and think, weigh the odds against each other.
There is the one side where we continue to use drugs or alcohol, abuse those who love us and walk around in a haze sometimes mumbling to ourselves and tomorrow forgetting what we said or did yesterday.
Then there is the other side where we get an education so that it will guarantee us a secure future providing our family’s needs, going to church, having friends over and being sober so our family will not be ashamed of us.
When we actually look at both sides of what our lives could be like every one of us would chose the latter, then why don’t we. There is another thought to be seriously considered. Why would we not want the good life? Ask yourself that question. Think a long time about your answer. Be honest. Why would you not want the good life? Is a whole life worth giving up for a few weeks of euphoria, for that out of this world feeling does not last a lifetime. When it leaves what do you have left? What kind of foundation do you have to build on if you have not taken the time to build a foundation. You are left wandering around alone with nothing to look forward to.
Life is not about what we are going to do tomorrow but what are we going to be doing five or ten years from now. We need to think about the road less traveled, the one waiting for your footprints. That road sometimes seems to just be waiting for you to hesitatingly take that first step and after that it should be easier to take one step after another.
Out there somewhere is someone who loves you and all you have to do is reach out to them. We all have someone who wants to see us have a good life. Do not be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes all it takes is to talk it out with someone who has his head on straight and can help you think more coherently.
What a happy life is waiting for you if you will just think before you act but even if you don’t think first there is always another time, another start, another chance to make things right and determine to have a good life.
The choice is yours. Make the right one. Your life depends on it.

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