Let’s make a list of all the good things in our lives and try to be happy about them.  

I too often think of the many heartaches I have had in my life yet I tell others you cannot look back.  The past is gone.  The future is ahead and there is no telling all the good things the future holds for us.
There are new friends to meet, bad memories to forget, people to forget and people to remember.  Let’s forget the things that might have hurt our feelings and forgive that person.  If you are like me sometimes forgiveness is a long time coming when you have been hurt badly but I have truly been working on that one.  Why remember the hurts when there have been so many happy memories in your life, funny things you still laugh about when you think of it.
I have done some really stupid things in my life but I can still laugh about it.  It is very hard to embarrass me.  I never intentionally hurt someone else, ever.  I have been intentionally hurt but I try to let it pass over my head but sometimes I find myself answering before I have time to think about it rationally.
I think people who enjoy, “gotcha,” moments have something seriously wrong with them. Sometimes I have had to take a few moments to tell them what they have done to hurt me but very seldom.  Sometimes when you have been wrongly attacked, harsh words just start popping out and then you regret it and feel bad about it.  Bad words to me or about me cut me to the core of my being and I always want to know, “Why?” And I never get an answer.  Only the one it came from knows.
Seldom do I ever have someone be ugly to me.  So many friends I cannot possibly count them, but occasionally that one will pop up for some reason, someone I hardly know and I will never know. But I have made a new resolution that I will not let ugly words nor actions hurt me and if it happens I will not tell anyone for no one believes you anyway.  Wrong-do-ers are so very good at showing their good side to others.
There is a saying, “If you cannot say anything good about someone don’t say anything at all,” which is good advice.
All of us carry burdens no one knows about and some of us are just one drop away from tears almost any day and one little negative thing can start a flood.  I’m afraid many people are walking around in this condition so what better reason to be nice to everyone we meet.  
Leave everyone you meet with a good feeling and smiling.  You may be the only one who has been nice to them all day.  What a blessing to know you have been nice to someone that day.  You might go a little further and send them a card.  I got a Valentine card recently,  (the only one I got) and I felt good the rest of the day and kept it where I could see it all day!
Small gestures seem mountainous to someone who needs a little love that day.  Remember that and leave them a nice small gesture to put in their pocket.

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