Sometimes I wonder if people in our community know what a wonderful asset Celebrate Recovery is to our neighbors.

Many times I see posts from people in Celebrate Recovery from various states how Celebrate Recovery has made such a difference in their lives.
Most of them say they had tried it on their own several times, had been to rehab several times, had been to halfway houses but always fell down again until they discovered Celebrate Recovery. Coming to their meetings began the process of healing for Jesus Christ is the healer of all healers, the One you go to when everything else fails because we know His love never fails and when the addict begins to believe in Jesus Christ all sorts of miracles begin to happen. You see, His love is all it takes and it is always at our fingertips if we will just acknowledge and accept it.
I hear from women from time to time that I knew in their addictive life and they tell me how wonderful life is now. One wrote recently that she had been clean for several years, had a new baby and was about to move into her new home. “Yes, Ma’am, it really works,” she said.
Only a few I have run into that I just finally gave up on. I decided I had done all I could and had to leave it in the Lords hands. Sometimes they accepted it and sometimes they rejected it thinking they were not yet ready to give up the highs and lows of addiction. And years later here comes that letter from one of them telling me they have accepted God and how good life is now. You should never give up on one of them but you get so tired and weary sometimes and feel like you are talking to a wall.
Many times I see good, decent, and very intelligent people throwing their young lives away when, with their intelligence, the world could be theirs. In my head I ask myself would they be offended if I talked to them. I think about this a lot for there is a particular young person I have known most of their life, good looking, smart, not lazy, good business, but even though they will deny it, drugs are still blocking them from realizing their full potential and that stays on my mind a lot. “Lord, am I sinning by not going to this young person and talking to them.” Or will I be looked at as a busybody that should  mind my own business but the souls of God’s children should be a priority with all of us.
I believe the concern of a lot of people could help dry up the drugs in our community. By winning young people over to Christ you will be saving them from a life of destruction so at times I think it would be worth the risk of me sticking my nose out and getting into the business of leading souls out of the mire of drugs and into the realm of Jesus love. Surely a group of us could be instrumental in letting them know that we are their friends and are good listeners but in a loving way. We never talk down to an addict. They have had enough of that. Simply put your arms around them and say, “I love you and God does, too.” I have seen more souls won with love than anything else. They crave love and approval something many have never had in their lifetime. On the other hand, addicts come from all walks of life, good homes, loving parents, money, but there is still something hurting deep inside this human being, a hole that refuses to be filled until they let Jesus love fill it. I believe they would give up all the luxuries just to hear Dad or Mom say I love you and you are the most important thing in my life. We should raise them letting them know they come first.
It’s never too late. Tell them today. You may not have another chance. We all crave love till the day we die so don’t be ashamed to put your arms around your adult children and tell them how much they mean to you. This will be salve to their souls.

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