We are truly sad and depressed tonight after having watched television today.

I’ve watched a man and his family cut to pieces and and the perpetrators never looked back.
It is so sad we have so many of that kind of people in our society. If Judge Kavanaugh was a Democrat I would feel the same. He is a good Christian man, a good daddy, a good husband with an exemplary reputation, all in the name of politics. I would never make it with a gang of people like this. This good honest man may be defeated and if he is it will be America’s loss.
It’s all about killing babies before they have a chance to be born; Roe vs. Wade to give it its proper name. That’s all I will say about babies being cut out of the womb some of them crying as they are killed. Think about this heinous act folks and who is behind it.
Anybody who has ever had a baby and held in it their arms could never kill a baby. Never. How can doctors who have sworn to save lives do this. How can our government allow it to be done.
We need to pay attention who we vote for and make sure what they believe in before we put them in office. If we don’t, I shiver to think what our country will be like in 25 or 30 years.
Some of our children are not being raised, they are growing up taking care of themselves. So, so sad when there is no bonding between mother and child. Go to a big department store and watch parents jerking little ones off the floor by their little arm while the child is crying but no sympathy from the parents. You are likely to hear one of them say, “shut up or I’ll ‘whoop’ you!”
It always hurts me to see a child being mistreated. In my mind I usually think, “another little bully being raised up.” Little bullies need our prayers as much as anyone. Have you ever thought about what made them that way. A shame but there is nothing we can do about it.
God can put love in the meanest heart, whether child or adult. And what a blessing when you can feel His love. There is no gift like it but how can you explain it to someone. It is something you have to feel to believe.

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