Sometimes when your children are growing up you wonder if the things you try to teach them is sinking in or just going in one ear and out the other. 

In going through an old box of memories I found a card from my daughter sent to me long ago for Mother’s Day:
The outside of the card with a heart on it was penned in magic marker:  “For all the things you do... This card’s for you
•For making an authentic Indian costume complete with beads, fringe and headgear for my 4th grade play
•For letting me hang plastic beads in the doorway to my bedroom in the 70’s
•For making sure I always had the ‘right’ clothes for school.
•For always telling me I could do anything I ‘set my mind to!’
•For having faith in me
•For teaching me to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
•For teaching me not to judge people based on wealth, education or the color of their skin!
•For keeping me from being a ‘snob!’
•For teaching me to appreciate nature when I was young
•For working tirelessly to get me through law school.
Have a wonderfully Happy Mother’s Day! I Love You”
I get all choked up when I look at these old cards.  I have precious ones from my son also and he adhered to my advice just like my daughter but he had a weakness that helped destroy him but it never harmed his soul.  He had a smile for everyone and incorporated all the above things into his own life but he went too soon.  What can I do with all the precious mementoes I have kept all these years.
Someone said to me once, “all you can do is try,” and it was not all that hard to try with my two children.  They were always receptive to my lessons and both turned out to be blessed human beings.  That’s all I could have asked for.  My son told me he would always be with me and I believe that to be true.  I feel his presence so strongly sometimes I almost speak.
I look forward to seeing him again one day.

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