Some years ago I worked several Kairos Weekends at Limestone Prison and several Kairos Outside Weekends and later A Walk to Emmaus Weekend and as a result I was on fire with the Holy Spirit and I needed to share it with someone.

  I thought if we can minister to men inmates why not to our women inmates at our own jail.  I got permission to work with them two hours once each week and it was just what I needed and I learned it was what they needed as well.  My sincerity  could not help but bleed through because I was so overflowing.  I had made up my mind not to beat around the bush when I talked to them and neither was I going to be ugly to them.  I treated them as I would treat anybody’s child that was on drugs, for all the female inmates were there because of drugs or bad checks.  I loved them all even the most belligerent  ones for I knew they were hurting the most.  They had built that wall and nobody was going to tear it down but slowly, slowly some of them came tumbling down and what a joy.  Sometimes I would grin all the way home like an idiot.  Some of the most distant ones came around.  One wouldn’t even sit down with us.  She sat down in the floor and just stared at me and grinned.  I totally ignored her and kept on with my lesson.
This happened another time and I did the same thing.  Then the next week she decided she would walk around and around the table where we were having our lesson.  I still ignored her till she finally decided to sit down with us.  She was one hurting human being.  I sort of adopted her.  When she went to rehab I bought her two big gift bags of good clothes from the skin out and two pair of size 11 shoes, one for the shower.  I put snacks and a $20 in the bottom of one of the bags and I wanted so badly to see her when she opened them but I took them to her at the rehab and had to just leave them but she wrote me a thank you note.  Nobody had ever been so good to her before.  How I wished I could have brought her home with me and talked and talked to her and try to make up for all the years she had nobody.  This story did not turn out well after all.  Her mother died while she was in rehab and they lived in a rented house that got cleaned out while she was in rehab and an $8,000 insurance check she got from her mother was stolen out of her mailbox so when she got out of rehab she had no where to go so she went back to an old boy friend who was still using and I haven’t seen her in a long time.  I was just sure she was a winner.  I still pray one day she will want to get a life.  Others I helped appreciated it and are still doing well.
I started or ended with asking one of them to lead us in prayer.  We held hands in a circle and someone usually volunteered.  Seldom did any of them refuse and some of the prayers were the most beautiful I ever heard.  They prayed for their family, for their children, for their fellow inmates and for me.  I was so touched sometimes I couldn’t hold back the tears.  Slowly I began to see changes in some of them and in two or three of them I knew they would never do drugs again.  I began to hear, “I’m tired of this life.”  “I want my kids back.” And I knew we were winning.  
After a few weeks I began selecting Bible verses that would mean something to them.  I used the Life Recovery Bible.  I would not read long enough to bore them.  The commentary in that Bible is wonderful for people in recovery.
I didn’t do Bible reading at first.  I knew the lesson they needed.  They needed real life lessons.  I could have read the Bible to them all night and it would have gone in one ear and out the other.  I wanted to tell them about God and the wonderful life He could give them if they would just believe and ask.  I told them they would be much better off on Saturday nights at home with their child in their lap reading them a story.  I told them they would be better staying home alone than with that same old crowd they knew so well.  I told them when they called to invite them to go to church with her.  Of course many had a basket full of excuses but I had an answer for all of them.  You do what you want to do.  It is your choice what kind of life you want.  After a few weeks I selected passages from the Life Recovery Bible to read to them.  I had them take turns reading it.  
Slowly some of them were released.  I knew none of them were ready to get out of jail and go straight into the arms of the old crowd.  Many had been kicked out of their parents’ home and the old gang would gladly take them in.  
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