Before the kids go out for Trick or Treat,  start the party off with these fun “Boo-Taters”. 

Just use a piping bag to create ghosts as a side dish to whatever meat you are serving. The kids will scream with delight when they see these comical ghosts sitting on their plates.  You can also pipe cooked mashed carrots into pumpkins.  This is a great way to get them to eat their veggies! Who knows what other creative ideas you can come up with to trick your little ones into healthy eating!

Your favorite mashed potato recipe
Steamed and mashed carrots
Clove for ghost eyes (or use the eyes found in craft departments)
Snipped chives for the pumpkin tops.
2 piping bags with star tips

In the craft section in Walmart, you can buy inexpensive plastic piping bags (if you don’t already own one).  Place the mashed potatoes in one bag and the mashed carrots in another.  Plate your meatloaf or meatballs or whatever meat you choose on plates,  Beside it, pipe ghosts and pumpkins. Decorate the ghosts with cloves or peppercorns, and the pumpkins with snipped chives.

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