The fight at night

With the heat and dog-days at their peak many folks head to the lake to try their luck night fishing. Let me just say it’s not for me, and here are my thoughts on why! I believe the night is a fight against many elements that I have tried and found to be not my cup of tea.
One of the biggest reasons I am just not the night-fishing guy is that it’s extremely dangerous. You can’t see what’s in the water, other boaters do not pay attention to the rules of the road when it comes to nighttime navigation, and keeping in contact with the weather, as it changes, is not easy to do. Sure, during the full moon period the nighttime is much brighter and easier to see, but it still is only a help if there are not clouds to block the moonlight. Being a victim of a nighttime boat accident in 1994 has certainly not helped me be that nighttime guy.  
As many of you know I am a perfectionist when it comes to my boat, tackle, and general fishing equipment, and there is just nothing worse than the bugs that can invade your boat at night. I can remember a time when we experienced a willow fly hatch and my night lights attracted them in such numbers they ruined the carpet on my boat. They got so thick that we ground them with our feet into the carpet and ruined my boat carpet. Many people turn off their running lights at night to hide from the bugs which is illegal and dangerous. I have also experienced boats running 65 mph out there at night as drivers seem to think you can see everything on the water. I’m here to tell you good eyes miss 50% of the things on the water. Docks, buoys, floating debris and other boats become hidden obstacles that can kill you. Lastly, tackle on your deck can cause falls, hooks into your body, and danger for everyone in the boat.
The good news for the nighttime fisherman is the bite is generally better than the heat of the day and catching is easier as bass feed at night a lot during this period of dog-days; but it’s a fight at night to be safe!

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