Vertical jigging tips

As summer progresses and we start to see the water get really warm from top to bottom many times the fish move into the deepest parts of reservoirs forcing you to look for deep fish. The problem is, deep fish that are positioned on the bottom are not easily enticed to feed, and they are generally just looking for cool water temps and oxygen on the bottom. This forces you to put something in front of their face to get them to bite.  
Jigging is an ideal way to present a bait in front of fish that are positioned on the bottom and persistence with a bait bouncing off the bottom in front of them can pay large rewards for the average fisherman. The fact is jigging is really easy to do; it’s a technique that even a young fisherman, who doesn’t cast well, can be successful doing. The key is getting to the bottom. You can actually just drop the bait beside your boat, to the bottom, and jig the bait with little effort. Knowing that, here are few keys to being successful at jigging a bait.  
First thing is fish where the fish are; in other words, locate fish on the bottom with your Lowrance Structure Scan. When you know they’re down there it gives you more confidence when jigging them. Next, put your electronics on stand-by as the pinging of the bottom from your electronics can move the fish. Often this requires you dropping a buoy to stay in the right area. Casting is not necessary, just drop your bait to the bottom and be persistent at jigging the bait. I like to make long pulls so the flutter of the bait is occurring in a good 8 ft. of water, off the bottom.  
Lastly, go small. This is a time of year where big baits generally are not the desired look for bottom feeding bass, they like small profiles, like tubes or small jigging spoons. The key is getting to the bottom so, if they’re pulling water, make sure you’re weighted enough to get your bait down to the fish. Be creative with your pulls, move them fast some, slow some, and change your cadence until you get a bite. Remember your cadence and repeat it when you get bit.

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