Froggin’ is right around the corner

As the mats start to show on the grassy lakes one of the first presentations that comes to mind is working a SPRO frog over, around, or in the grass. There is no bait like it; people come from all parts of the country to do some frog fishing as the excitement is unmatched in any other type of bass fishing. It really doesn’t matter what type of fishing you’re used to; once a largemouth bass explodes through the grass and pulls down a frog you’re a fan for life.
The important technique in frog fishing has to do with understanding where to fish the different frogs and what bass need to attack it. There are just a few types of frog presentations and they are commonly referred to as popping-frogs, walking frogs, and pushing frogs. These three cover all types of conditions allowing you to find a way to get an explosion over or around the grass.
The one weather condition that I like the best is when it’s a little windy as it allows you to use a popping frog. The popping frog makes ripples which cause the baitfish to group up and makes that presentation a lot of fun.
I believe a key objective in frog fishing is to make sure your frog can be seen from underneath so there are some things you can do that will make this happen. As mentioned, one of these is the wind, when the wind blows the bait gathers up and schools and has the bass looking up for feeding around the edges of the grass. Combine the sound of a popping frog along with the bait schooling and you have a great condition for frog fishing.
The next is the bait action, the walking frog allows you to walk the dog over the edges and open holes in the grass; this walking action is just deadly especially when the frog sits in place and moves back and forth over a basses head. These techniques have been widely used for many top water baits. Combine it with a weedless frog on a calm, hot, sunny day and you have the ingredients to catch some really big bass.
It won’t be long until the frog bite will be upon us; the fun part of the year is close - get those SPRO frogs out and let’s have some fun. SPRO frog Tournament set for 11/7/17 on Guntersville; get your early entry today at
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