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As we approach the ever-dreaded summertime bite where the hot sun, warm water and summertime showers change the fish’s patterns everyday, your information records of past experiences can help you stay focused. Nothing can be more informative for a fisherman than what he did the day before or even the year before in similar conditions or a few years back. Past detail can lead to present day bites, so keep up with your trips and create a journal that you can refer to during these tough conditions.  
It’s true that bass don’t always go to the same spots at the same time of the year. The lake’s conditions change: bottom structure, current, weather and places change, sometimes daily, especially on a pressured lake. However, patterns remain somewhat the same, lure type, and presentations do repeat themselves, and if you have details from your past fishing times you have a way to start fishing when you’re not on the water every day. Having a fishing journal is just another tool to allow you enough detail to get you to the fish and put you in the right pattern every day.
The ease of keeping information in today’s world has really improved. Our data up-keep ability as computers and spread sheets like Excel make it easy to create an informative journal. I have kept information for nearly 30 years now, and it is on an Excel spreadsheet that is made up of columns that allow me to sort by date, bait, and weather conditions very easily. By doing this, I can quickly view conditions and dates in past years to see what I did as conditions change over the course of a week or day on the water. With the recent ability to view all your computer base documents on your phone with Microsoft 360 I can now pull out my phone and sort my documents - hence my journal - while I am on the water. This allows me to adjust as I move from one spot to another during a day of fishing.  
As always, there are patterns, water, or weather conditions that change, and having a journal allows you to have this detail at your fingertips giving you a leg-up on those who are just relying on memory from the past. Detail can be your friend and make you a better fisherman.

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