The Asian Carp are coming

If you’re a boating enthusiast of any type and enjoy the lakes in North Alabama like Guntersville, Wheeler, Pickwick and others, beware the Asian Carp are on their way. I’m not talking about the carp we have today, although plentiful and bothersome. What’s on the horizon is horrific, as Kentucky Lake is full of the jumping carp that can explode out of the water and end up in your boat.
If you are running down the lake at 50 mph and a 20 lb. Asian Carp flies up and hits you, it could kill you and the species that does this is taking over Kentucky Lake and Barclay Lake. It’s just a matter of time before they start to populate in our local lakes, and when they do it will be a disaster for the fishing, boating and water recreational industry that services North Alabama.
Don’t take my word for it, research the B.A.S.S. event that just took place on Kentucky Lake. There are disturbing pictures and videos of thousands of Asian Carp jumping and flying in big groups throughout the lake. Structure Scan (down scan) pictures of groups of the Asian Carp with thousands of fish in schools all over the lake. There are testimonials of the B.A.S.S. fishermen showing where they are slowly moving across an area of the lake and the Asian carp are landing in their boats.
The worst part about this for the bass fisherman is that these carp destroy the natural habitat of the bass. Bass will not spawn around them, and when they take over the flats or spawning grounds the bass are not laying eggs and producing the next generation. The biggest problem is that there is no answer, or solution at this point. The brightest minds have no answer, and we have a serious problem on the way!
Captain Mike

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