.My favorite deep baits

With the fish moving off shore and the spawn slowly turning to post spawn I thought I would give you my favorite baits that I use when the bass move deep as we progress into summer. Let’s face it, deep fishing is a different challenge and fishing deep requires confidence so the first thing you need to do is determine what deep baits are your confidence baits.
The first love I have is for a deep running crank-bait like the SPRO Little John DD 70 or 90. These are baits that I have the most confidence in because when the bass initially move deep they school up and become highly competitive. There is no bait that fires up a school and gets them competing more than a deep running crank bait. Keep the colors natural in most situations unless the water is deeply stained. Find the fish on your Lowrance Structure scan and work your crank bait at different angles until you find a depth, angle, and speed they will react to.  
My next favorite deep-fishing bait is a Tight-Line football jig. The versatility of a football jig can be wide and catching fish in deep cover is its best attribute. It also allows you to fish structure at different depths, so if the cover drops from different depths you can slowly work your jig off the edges and drops until you find the right depth. Football jigs are designed to be worked on the bottom, so the key is to keep it there; use a dragging technique, keep contact with the bottom structure and you will catch fish.
If big fish are your passion Picasso Lures makes heavy one to two oz. swim-bait heads that allow you to quickly get a big swim-bait to the bottom in deep water, it’s a big-fish catching machine. One of the biggest assets of the Picasso swim-bait head is you can choose the size of the hook, this allows you to fish an eight-inch swim-bait on a swim-bait head with a big hook, catching big fish. There is probably no bait in the last ten years that has caught more big fish in tournaments than a heavy swim-bait head, causing the old saying to mean something: Big baits big fish - this is a true example of it.


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