Your fishing spots
Sometimes you can just have too many places to fish, too many way points, and too many miles of water to travel to get there.

Don’t try to fish every single one. If you’re not finding fish when that happens you should think about what you have been doing, what type of structure, depth and location. The best advice I give you is to understand what the natural details of the spot you have found to fish that day. In other words, is the area a point, a contour drop or break? Does it have wood on it, is it an inside bend or outside, what is the depth?
The biggest advantage about understanding your fishing spot and learning how to expand your fishing spots is you generally do not have to travel far to find more fish. Bass move to similar locations within close proximity and are generally not too far away from where you just caught them before. The key is to expand to locations that have similar characteristics; so, the first thing to do is find those similar areas within a mile or so and start checking those when your fish dry up. If that does not produce, then change depths again within short distances but similar in bottom structure. A point is a point whether it’s a point dropping into 5 ft. of water or dropping into 20 ft. of water.
Baits are also a big part of your spot. Many times there is a very good reason that bass bite certain baits better one day or over the other. Going to your tackle box to change baits is not always the answer. In fact, it can be viewed by many as a waste of time. I have seen customers change baits so much that their day is overcome by scissors instead of fishing. I suggest you use different presentations with a bait you have confidence in and have caught fish with, before you go to the tackle box.
Spot expansion is a quick and easy way to move from fish that were biting one day, or earlier that same day, to sometimes the same school of fish that might be close to where you caught them the day before or the hour before.
Captain Mike

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