Summer-time Chase for Big Fish
As the summer heats up and the bass get tougher to find, the chase to find those lunker fish on a southern lake gets tougher and tougher. The question is what do you do to accomplish this! There is no easy answer, but I do have some suggestions that will get you closer to the bigger bite.

The most important thing I can tell you is the bigger bass need more oxygen than the smaller ones, and this drives them to the areas of that lake that create more oxygen. I know this sounds like an impossible task to find where the oxygen levels are higher than others, but it is really not that difficult to do. There are some keys to finding the areas that have high levels of oxygen. The first one is current – look for areas that have water current moving around them like points or river ledges, obvious structure like stumps, grass and more that the current creates jetty directional change. On grass lakes, believe it or not, the nastiest, dirtiest looking grass over the top of the water has the most oxygen in it. When it gets foamy, brown looking it means the carbon dioxide is generating oxygen below, and the big bass hide in it, not only for oxygen, but for cooler water temps. Also, road runoff areas around shorelines are good areas to target. In deep lakes the runoffs create oxygen around the runoff dumps close to the shore, whereas in shallow lakes, the runoff areas extend farther out.
Lastly, many times hunting that big bite in the summertime has a lot to do with bait selection. Big bass are lazy in low oxygen level times and like to feed on small baits that are moving slow and are easy prey. They tend to stay under the bait balls and attack the falling bait that is wounded by the schooling little fish, allowing you to slowly drop small worms or small swim baits below the schooling fish. Even though there is a good chance your bait will get eaten by a small fish as you work it through it, there is also an equal chance it gets below the little fish and you get a big strike.

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