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As we see the water temperatures continue to drop below 50’s we will see movement of the bass toward their ideal winter locations. As in any lake, the bass will locate near the deepest parts of the lake. That doesn’t mean that the bass will travel miles to find deep water, in fact, quite the opposite. Bass are not a species that will migrate several miles to find deep water; most of the time they won’t leave the longer, wider creeks. They will just find the locations of deeper water within the creek they exist in and, in many cases, that is only ten feet of water. This makes long, back-water creeks in most lakes ideal locations to find winter bass.
One of the biggest factors that affect winter fishing is the moon phase. Bass roam a lot more in the full moon time frame in the winter than any time of year. The full moon pushes them into the shallows for a couple of days on each side of the full moon. You will find fish in three feet of water which can defy most thought processes during the winter time. Shallow water during this full moon phase period is not the norm but is the key to finding fish. The only key is the shallow area generally needs to be near deep water and around scattered cover. The slightest change in water temperature, combined with the full moon, will really turn the fish on and make winter fishing a ton-of-fun! Combine the moon phase with water current and you have the ideal winter day to hang a monster bass on any bass fishing impoundment.
One thing I find in winter is that there are areas of the lake that can be significantly colder than other areas. Sometimes it’s just how the north wind hits a certain area of the water. When this occurs use your temperature gauge to locate some warmer water, it could be the key to finding winter bass. Sometimes it is just on the other side of an island or around the nearest point where the sun is stronger; the bass will move to the warmer water especially if they’re still feeding or roaming and preparing for the early spawn. Look for areas out of the wind and in the sun to guide you to the fish.
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