Boat Up-Keep

With the rising cost of bass boats in the past several years more and more people who have been flipping their boat year after a year or so must keep it longer and taking care of it is extremely important. My customers understand my fixation as I must keep my boat looking like new. It not only looks good, but having it sold every year causes me to be more understanding of the next person’s interest when they purchase it.
First, I become very insistent that my customers do not step on my seats while getting around the boat. I ask them to just use the hard surface step in-between the seats. Regardless of how good the boat company does on the quality, the seats do not hold up to you or anyone else using the seat as a step to get around on your boat. The material becomes weak over time as the sun and weather degrade the seats and they crack easily with stepping and movement. The seats also cannot take hooks being stuck in them, so keep your floors and seats free of hooks, pliers and your best friend sticking a hook in your seat.  
Next, I wipe my boat down after every fishing trip. The stain from the lake water sets up very quickly, and if you wipe it down immediately after fishing, you can save a lot of work and eliminate the nasty grit that comes off the water. I also keep a cleaner spray or polish like the furniture cleaner (Pledge) to wipe it down with. You will be surprised how much of a shine and how easy your boats wipe down with a Pledge coating on it.
Lastly, the carpet can be really tough to keep looking new but there are a few things that help. Water is a great cleaner for boat carpet. When something is spilled on your carpet immediately pour and brush in some fresh water from the lake. Clear water removes most of the stain and allows blood and or other items like coffee to break down and become easily cleaned once you pull your boat out of the water. Clean it with carpet cleaner after that, and your carpet will remain healthy and looking like new! Brush your carpet weekly - it helps keep the pile healthy and soft if you do.
Captain Mike

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