The keys to froggin’ grass

Guntersville has its ups and downs, but one thing, one presentation, that remains high on the list of fun for the fall fisherman is frog fishing. The key to frog fishing is finding productive grass mats or to figure out what grass areas are productive for the frog bite. Well, I am not sure there is any great secret to it, but I have found that you can tell what grass mats can be productive with just a little drive-by examination! That is correct, you just need to ease by the area you intend to fish and make some observation of the mats; turn off your motor for a few seconds and look, listen, and observe the surroundings.
There are some common and simple conditions that are keys to holding bass that will strike a frog. During your drive-by, the first thing you should look for is the condition of the mat. Is it nasty, foamy, icky, and will your frog make a trail? If so, it’s a good sign. The next thing I consider is bait fish. If there is bait fish moving about, in and around the mat, you have another piece of the puzzle. Listen to the mat. Active mats always have popping from bream going on in the mat. Let your hearing steer your boat.  
Once you have determined the first few pieces of the puzzle, the next important consideration is the thickness of the grass. The question is, does the grass have holes in it, and does it have space underneath for the fish to hide from the sun?  Sometimes, the mats are so thick that the grass has no space below it. When this occurs it is very hard to get a blow-up. Grass mats block the sun and the water underneath is generally a little cooler - by about 5 degrees - this also drives the bass to the grass mats in the hot sun!  
Lastly, I believe that, especially early in the fall, the smaller the area of matted grass the better chance you have of having fish underneath that will strike. Large mats are just too hard to cover, and the smaller areas become feeding targets for bass, especially if they are near deeper water.
 Captain Mike

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