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As the summer moves on to the fall of the year seasonal changes may make you change some of your habits, but other changes should not. The one big similarity of summer to fall is the midday heat causing the water temperature to soar like its summertime. This factor alone makes early fall fishing extremely tough and trying to overcome this condition and put together a pattern that catches fish can be a real challenge.
To me, this says try something different, try a favorite winter time presentation; try fishing a presentation that targets suspending fish - like a jerk bait. I know most of us use this bait when the water is cold but many times you get the same result in the warm water days of the fall. There is a slight difference that I try to change this time of year; meaning I go to a deeper jerk bait presentation like the SPRO McStick 95 which goes 8 to 10 ft. down the water table allowing you to fish it deeper than the traditional jerk bait presentation. There are also jerk baits that sink and allow you to count them down to even deeper depths.  Weight strips help your jerk bait drop slowly around suspending fish, giving you even more ability to fish suspending fish at the depth you see them on your Lowrance units. I also believe, as the day moves on, that bass suspend along the grass lines we have on a lake like Guntersville, so fishing that jerk bait along the many grass lines can really focus in on the bass. This is also an area that you find gobs of bait balls and presenting jerk baits through the bait balls around the suspending fish can prove to be really rewarding.  
Jerk baits require you to be very patient, so, letting it sit for several seconds between movements can be the key to getting this to work. As I always tell my customers: “do what you’re supposed to do - what the text book information tells us - then change presentations until you find one that works” and, of course, repeat it when it does.
Fishing something different, making a change away from the text book recommendations can be productive; try it you might just get some great results.

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