Thursday, February 21, 2019
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County Commission approves DHR lease Wednesday, 20 February 2019 20:01

During the recent Jackson County Commission meeting, Commissioners approved the DHR lease agreement, valid until September 30, 2019. The lease was increased from $1.00 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot.

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Scottsboro changed department head ordinance Wednesday, 20 February 2019 19:59

Scottsboro’s Ordinance 588 relating to the appointment of certain department heads was amended last week.

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Changes could be coming for U.S. 72 and County Park area Wednesday, 13 February 2019 15:49

During the recent City Council Work session a resolution/agreement for the Highway Safety Improvement program for County Park Road and Highway 72 was again discussed.

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Mike Ashburn

1. Please give a brief description about yourself include education, experience, and background.
My name is Mike Ashburn. I am a candidate for Scottsboro City Council Place 3. I am a lifelong resident of Jackson County. I have been a resident of the City of Scottsboro for 10 years and have worked in Scottsboro all of my life. I am a graduate of Scottsboro High School and Northeast Alabama Community College and also hold a certification as a local Emergency Manager issued by the State of Alabama. I am married to Debbie Ashburn. Together we have two daughters, Courtney Hales and Melissa Worobec. We have a two year old grandson Avery. Debbie and I are active members of Agape Baptist Church.
I currently serve as Chairman of the Jackson County Commission. I was appointed to this position in October and my term will end in November. Prior to my appointment I served as the EMA director. During my tenure with EMA I worked three presidentially declared disasters helping residents recover from tornadoes, high winds and floods. In 2014 we were recognized for having the Mitigation Program of the year by the State EMA. This was in part because we had obtained 30 community storm shelters across the county.
Prior to serving as EMA director, I worked for the Jackson County Revenue Department for five years. I was employed for 25 years with a local oil company, 15 of which were in management.
2. What do you feel is the single most important issue facing our city?
In talking to citizens of Scottsboro, the most often and most important issue they express is the poor condition of some city streets. Some of the same streets continue to have drainage issues as well.
3. What will you do to address that issue?
 I believe the first thing would be to open up a line of communication with residents and find out which streets need repair. We would then need to discuss this at budget hearings and set up a five year plan to pave and repair streets as funds become available.

Emily Bradford

1. Please give a brief description about yourself include education, experience, and background.
2. What do you feel is the single most important issue facing our city?
3. What will you do to address that issue?
I am Emily Bradford, Scottsboro High School graduate 1996 and Auburn University graduate 2000, and I am seeking the position for Scottsboro City Council Place 3. I have always enjoyed policy, projects and budgets, and I have reached a point in life with my family that I can be committed to the city of Scottsboro as a public servant.
I, along with my husband Dr. Chad Bradford, have spent my formative years in Scottsboro, and we chose to return and reinvest in our community through our occupations as an educator and physician.
Previously my time has been spent as a working mother of three daughters, Collins, Smith and Banks. I have also spent my time supporting my husband as he has built his practice, all while balancing my own career. I believe that my experiences and growth over these years have developed my ability to be selfless and flexible as well as improve my ability to multi-task. These qualities that I can offer would be an asset to both the Scottsboro City Council and the city of Scottsboro.
I also believe that I am a strong person who works well under pressure, and even more importantly, I am strong enough to withstand adversity and make sound, independent decisions. I like to evaluate multiple perspectives and then thoughtfully weigh potential outcomes in order to commit to the best decision possible.
I feel that my best strength I could offer both the council and our city is my deep belief that integrity should be every person’s guiding influence. Fairness and honesty are traits by which I live. I would be honest, fair, and unbiased in representing Scottsboro City and my fellow citizens.
My goal is to make the city of Scottsboro more competitive with other municipalities so that we can attract industry which will bring jobs for our people. The benefits of more industry and jobs will generate more revenue to invest in our community. Additional local revenue will allow for more recreational activities for young adults, families, and retirees. I would be eager to search and work alongside Mayor Shelton and the council to establish partnerships with potential incoming industries.
I feel strongly that what is important to the citizens of Scottsboro is what should be important to me. Hearing from our citizens is crucial in determining what issues to prioritize. Because my voice should be our city’s voice, I have created a short and anonymous five question survey that any citizen can take. The more people that take the survey the more accurate results I will have. There are several ways to access the survey. You can use the internet web address , or you can access it on my social media accounts.  My Facebook or Instagram pages are @believeinbradfordscottsboro,  and my twitter account is @BradfordPlace3. I look forward to seeing what our citizens love and desire for Scottsboro. This information will allow me to begin looking into options and plans in addressing those desires.


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