Monday, September 16, 2019
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Scottsboro to resume recycling program Wednesday, 11 September 2019 14:19

The City of Scottsboro’s residential curbside recycling program resumed service beginning Monday, September 9th, with cardboard and plastic products.

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Bridgeport Trail of Tears festival to be held Friday, Sept. 20 Wednesday, 11 September 2019 14:05

In June of 1838 over 5,000 Cherokee were moved down the Tennessee River on flatboats on what is known at the “Trail of Tears” to the deep water port in Waterloo, Ala. where they embarked a steamboat and moved on out west to their government assigned reservation in Oklahoma.

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UGF members prepare for campaign kick off Thursday, 05 September 2019 20:44

When the Jackson County United Givers Fund celebrates its annual campaign kickoff on September 5th, it will begin its 51st year of fundraising on behalf of Jackson County charities.

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Jackson County’s oldest surviving WWII veteran, attorney Jack Livingston, was honored by the volunteers manning the WWII , USS LST-325 Landing Ship Tank as it passed through Guntersville and Goose Pond on its way to Chattanooga on August 20, 2019.

With fellow veterans, Doctor Louis Letson and Ron Cleaver, Livingston set out on the houseboat of the Hobbs family and met the LST on its voyage. Volunteers aboard the LST had the houseboat pull to starboard where they offered a full salute to Livingston and passed down a bag containing a medal and an LST hat.
The Landing Ship Tank (LST) was designed with a flat bottom and a large cargo hold to carry troops, tanks, trucks, supplies, weapons and equipment over long distances on water. It was able to pull straight onto shore and open the hold, allowing the tanks, trucks and troops to disperse. Not only was the LST capable of this, but it was also typically equipped with seven 40-mm guns and 12 20-mm anti-aircraft guns, giving it the ability to enter into combat if necessary, as was usually the case during beach deployments.
The ship Livingston was assigned to was just like the LST 325 he met recently but his was titled as the USS LST-1048, and he performed his duties as a radar man onboard with the other 124 troops aboard. Livingston stated, “We went downriver to New Orleans and then through the Panama Canal. From there, we went to Pearl Harbor and the South Pacific.”
He recalls the close quarters, lack of air conditioning and stifling confines, with up to 60 men in a single area paired with the unrelenting heat of the South Pacific tropics and the discomfort. Another memory is of the lack of fresh food but the abundance of powdered food; powdered milk, powdered eggs, powdered everything, to put it in his words; however, there was an unlimited supply of fresh bread.
After that experience, Livingston felt he would never want to see another LST as long as he lived, but in 2001 when he heard of an LST crossing the Atlantic to become a museum and coming to Mobile, he rounded up some fellow veterans, and they were there when the LST made port. When he heard the LST would be coming through Goosepond, he was there once again to see it come through.
Livingston continued, “I’m pleased our young people have the chance to see the vessels we had back then. It took us 18 days to sail from the Philippines to San Francisco on a crowded troop ship. Nowadays, you can cross the ocean in less than 18 hours. I was very pleased to see that ship operating. So many people were killed in the Pacific. You have to think about them every time you see that ship. You have to think about the people who failed to come home and give them recognition.”

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