Monday, January 21, 2019
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Goose Pond as entertainment district? Mayor addresses access grant Thursday, 17 January 2019 16:04

During the recent Scottsboro City Council Work Session, Goose Pond’s Lyle Sosebee presented City Councilmen with a proposed ordinance that would allow Goose Pond to become an entertainment district.

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Google to develop solar farm in Hollywood, Alabama Wednesday, 16 January 2019 15:20


               Google just announced a solar farm in Hollywood, Alabama in an article that reads, " Hundreds of engineers, electricians and construction workers are building two new, energy-efficient Google data center campuses in the Southeastern U.S.—one in Tennessee and another in northern Alabama.

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Parsons announces retirement Friday, 11 January 2019 16:17

J.P. Parsons, Vice President - Destination Marketing of the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce, has announced his retirement. Parsons has been at the Chamber of Commerce for more than 16 years.

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Jackson County Commissioners discussed the DHR lease agreement at the recent work session.

At a previous work session, Chairman Mike Ashburn stated that he and John Porter met with DHR representatives. Ashburn was told if they took on or paid for maintenance of the building is the only negotiable part. DHR is requesting they lease the building for $1 per square foot, with no maintenance being provided by the county. The county is requesting a lease for $5 per square foot. Ashburn stated that they will pay $1 per square foot on the building, however, they would consider an agreement if the county does all the maintenance on the building. The building was built in 1993 after the bond was paid off, the county received $1 per square foot on the building. Ashburn stated that the local DHR director has been instructed to go look at another building. Commissioners stated that they felt the building should be leased for more than $1 per square foot. Ashburn expressed his concern that it may be hard to find someone who needs an office of that size. Attorney John Porter suggested a Memorandum of Understanding be executing through January, so that negotiations can continue.
Budget amendments were discussed by Commissioners for the administration fee for the Circuit Clerk’s office. Venable stated the administrative fee should not have been removed from the budget and felt it needed to be placed back into the budget. The administrative fee is $18,000.
Commissioners also discussed the Courthouse Security Budget. Commissioner Tim Guffey stated that he felt a quarterly subcommittee security meeting should be held. Guffey stated there are some things that need to be looked at. He suggested that the budget should be amended back to where it was until a decision can be made.
Commissioner Mike Sisk stated he’d like to go over the figures because it’s the people’s money. He stated that they haven’t taken away security, they’ve just have talks. Sisk stated he’d rather see the faces that they’re used to instead of a hired contractor.
Guffey said that they were unaware that deputies serve warrants and other things that they do while they’re working security at the door. Guffey stated that he doesn’t want to make cuts financially at the expense of the citizens. Commissioner Jason Venable stated that the number doesn’t need to be moved up and then back down, again. Venable stated that they never had intentions of doing anything without having a meeting.
Guffey reiterated that there was never any intention of letting any deputy go.  
Judge Jenifer Holt stated that the security committee did meet and the security plan, that covers two deputies is what they request. Currently three deputies are being funded. County Administrator Bob Manning stated that three months with three deputies and nine months with contract services was passed, however, if they do the amendment contract services funding would be moved to regular payroll. Venable again reiterated it was never anyone’s intent to do anything without the committee or behind anyone’s back.     


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