Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Jingle Bell Square Events Tuesday, 27 November 2018 21:43

The 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Trail, circling the Jackson County Square is preparing to open.

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PENV still interested in Bellefonte site Tuesday, 13 November 2018 20:42

            Mr. Michael Dooley, managing partner and chief engineer of Phoenix Energy of Nevada,LLC (PENV), says, “There are other better, less expensive, safer, less toxic waste polluting, cleaner and more financially viable options for the expansion, build out / build up, completion and use of the TVA Bellefonte Site than to try to complete this Property Site as a 2019 state of the art design and codes compliant nuclear powered electric power generation plant facility.”

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Still serving his community Tuesday, 06 November 2018 19:50

Scottsboro native  Raymond Brandon currently spends his days serving the community he grew up and raised his children in.

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During the recent Jackson County Commission meeting, Circuit Clerk Donna Barksdale spoke to commissioners.

  Barksdale requested that the budget approval be postponed until she has the opportunity to explain the need for funding in the Circuit Clerk’s office and how it will affect citizens if they aren’t allowed to keep one employee. Barksdale made a request for $40,000 in May. She stated that she doesn’t feel the commission fully understands the services the Clerk’s Office provides for the citizens of Jackson County. Barksdale explained the duties of a Clerk’s Office employee. Last year alone over $1.7 million in judgments were collected in Jackson County. And $430,000 was disbursed last year to county agencies from the Clerk’s office.
Circuit Judge Jenifer Holt also addressed the Commission. Holt stated, “I am here today, because it is my understanding that the budget includes funding for the courthouse security plan. My understanding is that this budget does not fully fund the security plan.” Commissioner Jason Venable stated that the funding is not as much as it was last year.
Holt went on to state, “By your own resolution, this plan must be fully funded.” Commissioner Tim Guffey stated, “We have some legal issues concerning that. We did this just to get us through. We can go back and do a budget amendment if everything stays the same. Something is going to have to change because of the legal issues. We will not leave it unsecured.”
Holt explained, “The Presiding Judge is responsible for the security plan. It’s not been changed and no one has asked us to change it.” She then explained that the Sheriff had contacted her with concerns about the plan not being fully funded. Venable stated that the funding would provide for two deputies, but right now there are three with only two doors open. Guffey explained that nothing would be left unsecured. Holt stated,  “If you’re telling me that the budget will fund the plan that is now in place, that’s fine with me, the Sheriff said it would not.” Commissioner Mike Sisk stated, “ I feel like we went about it the wrong way, we should have everyone involved. I also feel like we’re in a situation where we have to take care of money. In the long run, we’re saving taxpayer dollars and securing the courthouse.”
Commissioners approved additional holidays for County employees to include Thanksgiving, November 22 and November 23 and Christmas to include December 24, December 25 and December 26.
Commissioners approved the fiscal year 2019 Annual Budget which included a three percent raise for all part time and full time county employees, who have been employed for at least six months.
Commissioners also approved promoting an employee to Building and Grounds Maintenance Journeyman Grade 8 Step 1; approved the uniform bid for the Sheriff’s Department; agreed to participate in the ACCA 2021 Longevity Bonus Program; agreed to renew Tiffany Milligan’s employment with the SenioRx; and approved to advertise for five vacant seats on the Paint Rock Valley Historical Board. 

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